Why I Wrote ‘ Wait ‘

Wait, A Story Every Adult Can Relate With.

WAIT !” the only word i could think of when putting this song, i tried doing something away from my usual sound but yet trying not to drift away completely, it was exciting making this music for every single music lover as it talks about a story every adult can relate with.

On this fateful day, i decided to pick up my pen and notepad at an unusual hour of the day to put together a piece of beautiful music story, i had no idea what direction it would take or how i wanted it to sound at that moment, but i kept on tapping my pen against a white sheet of a blank paper, a usual ritual i perform when i am about to write something magical.

Then i remembered a story about a young friend of mine whose relationship was hanging by a thin thread, my friend did everything he could to make his woman love him, but whenever he tried, she finds fault, she was bent on walking away from the relationship but never was verbal about it, however all her actions pointed towards that direction. My friend got devastated.

waitI felt pretty bad for him each time he came visiting and he began to tell me about his soar relationship, in some instances when i go visiting him, i saw instances for myself knowing how much efforts he puts in making that union work. His girlfriend will be irritated at every little thing he did, ‘a sneeze from him and she will give an irritating look for no reason’.

At some point, she would be extremely loving and the next minute she is ranting and just generally unbearable even to visitors makes me lament on what my friend might be going through himself. All efforts to find out the bone of contention was to no avail.

One very early morning, My friend called me and said “i cant do this anymore,i have tried every thing to keep her…no matter what i do or say, she just wont WAIT“, there was nothing i could say at that point than try and console him. How hard it is to console a grown man.

So i start to put this beautiful piece together and start to write based on his story and his perspective.
A couple of days and the song is finished, and then i am faced with another challenge, so i am thinking of the producer that can bring this fire to life, the kind of emotion that i really want for this song and the mood i will like to put listeners in and i couldn’t think of no other person than Delb.

We got into the studio the following week and gbam, issa banger,  i hope you all found this song as amazing as i wanted it to be….’WAIT‘ is now available for download and streaming on all digital stores. Have you ever been at that point were your spouse is no longer satisfied with whatever you do and want to call it quit? how did you get out of that zone? i will like to hear from you. drop me a comment below;


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Wait was mixed and mastered by Geofficialmix. Get Wait lyrics HERE