Akay aka Akinola Olumuyiwa Oshodi nurtured his vocals singing in his church choir as a child and listening and singing along to his father’s music collection of the greats, like Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie (his favourite artist at the time).

Today Akay pursues a music career of his own. Boasting a diverse vocal range his newest track ‘Parachute’ is an ode to woman and love. The upbeat Hiplife  rhythm finely compliment the catchy romantic lyrics from the chorus, “I need a parachute because I dey fall for your love”.

The beach side video for ‘Parachute’ was directed by Adasa Cookey who was behind Burna Boy’s ‘Like to Party’ and Mavin’s ‘Adobi’ that both reflect the paradisiac romanticism cinematography in Akay’s latest visual.

As the 2014 winner of the FAME concert and 2010 winner of Vybes Plus, Akay has been on a steady rise to spreading his good vibes with more music lovers.


What or who are your favourite musical inspirations?

I had a pretty exciting musical experience while growing up, my dad had a library of amazing artistes from Micheal Jackson, to Lionel Richie and the rest. So I grew up listening to these artists. Every now and then my father would play them back when he got back from work or during weekends when he was home. Back then one of my favourite artists was Lionel Richie.

When did you start singing?
I started singing as far back as I can remember. (giggles) As a child during our morning devotion and while singing our worship songs, I would sing in tenor, bass and treble. I didn’t even know what it was called back then, all I knew was that it made the song beautiful and my mum amazed…(laughs)

Did you take any singing lessons or is it all raw talent?
Talent is God’s gift, but it should always and can be developed. I guess I was a good singer from a tender age but I developed it by joining my school choir and church choir. I also had a bit of musical training from a musical institution. But like I always say, talent is talent.

What are your thoughts on the Nigerian music industry today, how do you think Nigerian artists are performing on an international level?
There is no doubt that the music industry in Nigeria is taking on a new dimension very quickly: there are emerging new sounds, new artists who know their onions as well as established acts working hard each day which has taken us to the international level. Our foreign counterparts can’t even ignore us anymore.

Your latest single “Parachute” is a love song, what were some of the inspirations behind the track?
When I wrote ‘Parachute’, I felt so many girls had been lied to in the past and needed songs of reassurance. So the inspiration came from that thought. I have been amazed at the response since its release.

When can we expect an album and what do you have coming up this year?
I can’t speak of an album for now,currently working on new materials, and also just released the visuals to the song ‘Parachute’ directed by Adasa Cookey. So right now I am promoting, working, performing in more shows and more appearances will follow up as well… So let’s see how that goes.

Is there anything else you would like to share?
I am a shy young man, I usually will not walk up to you to say “hi”, but if you do it, I will be very glad to talk to you. (laughs)

Watch Akay’s new music video for Parachute below


Source: Our Mag

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