Today the 8th

I’ve always been a strong believer in supernatural powers, I mean the positive ones and even though there’s evil in the world, I choose to be one of the very few who actually believe in adding a little sunshine to my day and the day of everyone else around me because this gift of music I’ve been given by my maker isn’t one to be heard by just my shower and bathroom walls when I have a bath, it is one the world needs to hear and that’s how it became a hustle for me.

The legends before me have said times without number that talent without hardwork will lead you no where just as hardwork will most likely outshine talent anyday because one chooses to work while the other ceases to embrace evolution and a sweat process because they are now on TV. Truth be told, yes the fame begins to come but like Olamide once said in his song “Letter to Milli”, he said “For every level, there’s a different devil”. So just when others are beginning to think that we’ve finally made it, we are busy struggling with the essence of relevance, making sure the creative side doesn’t hit a block while also maintaining the promise of delivering world class hits.

When next you see me, give me a hug because its definitely not easy.. Lol..

But with good motivation, support of family, friends and good management, the sky is definitely just the starting point and I’m grateful to God first for making me a partaker of that high flying grace because the world is yet to see Akaycentric in full gear. The warm up just began and of course, none of all these would have been possible without the support of loyal fans all over the world so I say a big thank you to everyone that has kept the brand strong..

Continue to watch this space because the fire coming soon is gonna knock people off their feet.. By the way, how would you be spending your 20th of April? Come see Akaycentric live at the Sean Tizzle Experience at New African Shrine Lagos.. Details below 👇👇

Do well to invite your friends also as it promises to be a wonderful experience..

Akaycentric to the world!!