So Far

It’s 2019 and it’s just been a few days in but so much to get done to push this dream forward. 2018 was an amazing year and no better decision was adequate other than ending the year with the smash single LOST. The responses have been amazing from African countries to France, Canada and America. I mean, I’m not much of a dancer but that song gets me doing the zanku everytime it comes on.

LOST has opened the Akaycentric brand to a whole new level of potential. I mean they thought the boy was all about love and heartbreaks but we just had to get LOST in the music after the frenzy WAIT gave us all. By the way, WAIT video is still gathering views online so still view here one more time to refresh your memory over its awesomeness —> WAIT VIDEO BY AKAYCENTRIC

This year 2019 has already kicked off good with a good line up of projects awaiting its due release dates but you can be rest assured that the year will not be a slow one. As these events unfold, you all would be kept updated through my social media handles and platforms. I want to use this medium to thank everyone that has been a part of this growth and to have you believe that your support is not taken for granted. 2019 will be a fire year for us all.
For those who haven’t heard the smash single LOST, listen here —> LOST BY AKAYCENTRIC

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