Random Musings of Akaycentric

“Have the heart to follow your dreams and intuition. They are the only ones who truly know what you want to become.” – Steve Jobs

The question here is what was his dream? To have his brand reach and touch the whole world… Exactly how I see my music. For me, music is much more than just a hobby, sounds and words coming together to form some kinda rhythm, it’s a way of life for me. It’s me having a way of expression to my feelings and ideas and thoughts just as many have theirs as writing or even dancing.

Music is not just all that, music is also seen as a culture to many and to many others, music is a very definite healer. Sometimes I see myself as a prophet or a doctor and my music is what I heal with and just like every other profession, mine also takes a lotta research and precision and work to turn out good outcomes. Well, enough of my hustle. Let’s get on a lighter note.
What is it with Nigerian people and feeling entitled when they see you making progress? I really don’t understand why. Is it because I’m now on TV? *in falz voice*

The requests come in like you owe them something and every little favour would seem like it has to be repaid with my sweat, blood and a million Naira. Do these people even know I’m human and have a family and real life issues like normal people do and because I’m on the media or a creative brand then I’m suddenly superman; even though I wish I was..

I love what I do and that quote about climbing a ladder and helping people cannot be overemphasized but in life, one has to select battles to feature in as carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders has never helped anyone. I mean, you don’t even get outta life alive and as a human first, none of us was created to please the other or be a doormat to the next man. No one owes you a dime because when you help someone, it’s nothing after its done.
Find a way to stay hard working and keep up the hustle and eventually recognition would follow suit as if you put money and fame as the reason you do things, you’ve taken the wrong step at that start. Dedication is better driven when there’s a dream in view. Steve Jobs did it, Bill Gates did it, Akaycentric is doing it so why can’t you? Stop giving yourself excuses as that does nothing but sit you in the same spot.

Have a dream and build on that dream. Passion breeds greatness but most importantly, it breeds it if you stay consistent and take the right steps and don’t burn bridges. God help us all


Co-writer: Melvin Chigozie Nnanna (Jnr) Akpa