Monday Motivational Musings

Y’all see how I rhymed with the title? MMM? * laughs* This is not a ponzi post though, just something to get your day started, a peek into my thoughts because the truth is, no one knows it all. No matter how smart we may seem, there’s a limit. You can never be total. It’s never absolute. Guess that’s what makes us human in more ways than one.

Now, I come here to share thoughts and knowledge doesn’t mean I’m better off. For every day I wake up, I’m grateful for the powers at work in my life that keep me alive cos I know it’s not by my making. The stuff I say isn’t applicable to everyone just as it may not make sense to some, it may seem I’m talking directly at someone’s issues.
We all experience it all differently, the vibes are different, which is why we listen to the same songs and have different interpretations to it. The same goes for the preaching we listen to on Sundays in our various religious homes. Our interpretations are dependent on our experiences because that’s what shapes us daily as we don’t go through the same issues and even if the conditions are similar, our orientation kicks in because we are all designed to survive uniquely. What’s good for the goose is not necessarily always good for the gander.

As humans, we have to find a balance that keeps it sane for us. A balance where we can call some kind of safe heaven of some sort where we can rest fully and feel like we’ve got no worries. I love to lose myself in the music as that gives me sanity from the whole world around me, brings me into a different kinda light. It is essential that we all find that balance.
Well, it’s another monday, another start to a new week and my sincere hope for y’all is that we don’t make the same mistakes that we made last week that didn’t help us achieve more. God help us..

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