Life In Lagos

The struggle for sanity is one everyone who lives in Nigeria battles with on a daily and I don’t know about other parts of Nigeria but you see this Lagos, my brother, na die here we dey.
I personally feel everyone has a part to play in ensuring our moral sanity is kept up to date because the struggle can break some. It takes the strong at heart, mind and body to overcome some ills life throws our way and most people need support but don’t even know they do so encourage someone today, ask how that person is doing, support your friends businesses, put a smile on someone’s face over a very random act of kindness, trust me it goes a long way.
Back to the matter… You see, Lagos is a hub of activities for all kinds of businesses and there are all sorts of people here too including ghosts I believe. I’ve heard stories of how you could go to Oshodi area, bend over to look between your legs and you’d see that many people walking don’t have their feet touching the ground. I’ve never actually had the efforntery to try that for the fear of receiving some kinda spiritual slap. Lol.. I still love life!!!

The Lagos vibe is a non ending one from the noise to the traffic to the number of churches on every street and to the people just cursing themselves out for no reason. If you are new to Lagos, you are bound to get carried away by the sights and sounds so bad that you may just miss your way out of excitement. Have you ever entered public transport anywhere and get cursed out just because you requested for your change after payment of the fare? Lol.. Welcome to Lagos..
But you see, Lagos isn’t entirely bad, the good actually outweighs the bad and everyone has something to bring to the table so with all the different tribes and ethnicities gathered in Lagos, the commotion is epic but if you are destined to succeed, you’d have a way paved out for yourself in the right direction. I personally don’t think any other city in the country of Nigeria has as much success rate of start up businesses and failures of same like Lagos does. In other words, it’s kinda easy to make money if you know the right buttons to push and very easy to lose all that money especially if you ain’t focused or dedicated to a simple lifestyle. Packaging dey kill people for Lagos and it will be very misleading to believe those snap stories and Instagram posts most times and think “oh boy, he is balling”. Sometimes it’s all for show. Like M.I said in one of his songs, how you arrive is the price you are. Nobody wants to know what your bank account reads, so far you pull up in a shiny ML 4Matic with Ballenciaga up and down, most people are bound to respect you even if all that is borrowed and they don’t know that..
Well, the Lagos vibe has been one major success to the Akaycentric brand and I can comfortably say that without Lagos, I don’t know what the hustle would have been like. I mean, God holds all keys but when talking of progress, Lagos has played a major role and I can’t thank my fans enough all over the world and especially in Lagos for writing a part of my history with me with all the love and support shown over the years. God bless y’all..

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