It All Started With A Step.

If No One Believes In You, Believe In Yourself

As a kid, it wasn’t so hard deciding what path I wanted to take in life, though I never knew where it would lead me, no one ever knows.
The whole journey was filled with doubts, discouragements and sometimes depression…yes depression.
The fear of failure constantly whispered “give up” to my ears and I frequently asked myself if the whole sacrifice, sleepless nights, and risks were worth it.

My journey in music started at an early age, with so many friends of mine having the same dream of having a fulfilling music career,though it ended with many of them now having day nine-fiver jobs like working in banks, schools etc.
I was adamant not to give up, despite several challenges constantly holding me back, I was bent on proving to myself and the world that I can do anything I set out to do.

My biggest worry was where to begin and most importantly finishing what I started and finishing well indeed. It was somewhat encouraging for me because I was surrounded by a lot of supportive people, people who believed in me and shared my dream so passionately with me.
So I started out by making my 1st demo, it was an exciting one, having to listen to what I had recorded on speakers was the world to me…I took that 1st step, even though at that time, i had no idea what i was going to do next with this demo, I took that 1st step still.

started - akaycentricAs good as the sound i produced sounded to me, It didn’t make me relax a bit I was bent on getting better, i knew i could do better, i pushed my limits, and boy! better did i get. At this point, i needed the world to hear me, i needed people to see what i just discovered God had blessed me with and consequently bless the world with it, i needed a platform, so I went further to participate in several music talent hunt auditions, winning a couple of them and not even getting pass the first stage of a few others, i was getting mixed reactions, some positive, some negative and some just outright devil sent lol, but in all this, it  only became clearer to me what I wanted to become.

As I forged ahead with high hopes, it seemed the more discouragements set in even more constantly, not from people but from my own self. Questions came in

“why are you doing this?, why have you decided to take this path,are you good enough,you think its easy?” 

I questioned myself during my alone time.
I began waking up in the middle of the night for some  days worrying and feeling really confused and sad that I had even started this journey and was too late to quit…lol.
These feelings never lasted long though as when it hit me, i will hit back by staring at the man on the other side of the mirror, telling myself Akay, you can do this, you can be anything you set your mind to and consistently chase it and soon enough I was up again on my feet, feeling motivated and all hyper each time I tuned in to any music channel, I will scream at myself “mehn hear tune”, and will immediately get back to writing my own songs.

No matter what you do or what you find yourself doing, the journey is never ever a smooth sail, all sorts of forces out to tear you down will hit you, but you must stay strong, you must continuously improve and most importantly you must believe in yourself.

This journey has been an eye opening, music is me and I am  a whole lot waiting to be unboxed….

I am Akaycentric and welcome to my world.