Investing In Your Time and Yourself.

Time runs fast, time is very precious, as the saying goes “Time is Money“, whatever you do with your time today will determine the outcome of your tomorrow.
Time never waits for no one, i know a couple of people that can lay on the bed for hours chatting with friends about topics that never develop them or add value to their lives,while some sit for hours on the bed just doing nothing …i will rather surf the internet in search of more knowledge.

Most people consider Investing to be often in monetary terms. However, we have other resources to invest. One of those resources is time, your time. Before you get too focused on money, think about the way you invest your time. You might end up putting it to better use.

Dear Kings and Queens,i have come to realize that our habits and actions have a strong effect on our total well-being and happiness. The present circumstance you are in right now is greatly influenced by your past actions, habits and personal decisions. By making small changes and investing in your time and self in positive ways today, you will ultimately be creating a brighter future for yourself, and you will be very happy that you did so in the long run.
I will list from my own personal experience, some major ways to start investing in your time and in yourself that will yield some positive results in your life in a very short while (feel free to add yours in the comment area).


1.Manage Your Time
It is very crucial to manage your time effectively because time is very valuable. Make a note of how you generally spend your time each day to see if you are prioritizing things correctly. You may be surprised to learn that you spend too much time checking and updating your status on instagram, looking at your phone, lazing in bed, watching frivolous reality TV, daydreaming, sitting in a bar, etc. Create a timetable that enables you to invest your time in the things that are most important in developing you.

2. Stop Procrastinating
This is the most obvious, yet, a lot of people are guilty of procrastination. Time is the most valuable asset we have because, once gone, it cannot be reclaimed. While it may seem nearly impossible to completely avoid procrastinating…lol reducing its reoccurence will yield some amazing results.

3. Sleep and Wake Up Earlier
Going to bed early and rising earlier in the morning is a trait that majority of successful people have developed. It allows you to become more productive, enjoy quiet time, eat breakfast (the most important meal of the day), avoid rushing or cut back on your commute time, exercise before you start your day, and have more energy to execute the day activites.

4. Drink Less Alcohol
Yes!!,as funny as it may sounds or seems,there is nothing wrong with a glass or 2 of wine. There also is nothing wrong with occasionally indulging in a couple of beers or stronger spirits. But many people take too much alcohol too frequently.

5. Exercise
By exercising regularly you will be investing in a habit that creates a healthy mind and a healthy body. The benefits of exercise include disease prevention, better mood, lower body-fat and weight, increased energy, better sleep, and an improved sex life,oh yes…a lot of us like the last benefit, but ultimately exercising gives us a longer life span than not.

6. Set Goals
Setting goals is one of the most powerful ways to invest in yourself and in your ,yet many people neglect to do so. Setting clear goals is like looking at a map and determining your eventual destination.

7. Choose Your Friends Wisely
The types of friends you choose to be around have a dramatic effect on your own actions and behaviors. The old adage, โ€œbirds of a feather flock togetherโ€ is especially true when it comes to your friends. If you want to be successful, happy, positive, healthy, more productive, etc, make sure you associate with people who possess those attributes