How do you find your Original?

Being original

As brief as the word seems can be a tough one, the world is populated by millions of people and everyone was made unique in his or her own way, isnt that amazing?.  But the big question is ‘How do you find your Original?’.

Originality is the aspect of created or invented works as being new, and thus distinguishable from reproductions, clones, forgeries, or derivative works. To think independently. A phrase highly misused today. Today it is used as “being different from the rest.” Maybe so, but not in all cases. Originality; is being yourself, doing what you like to do the most.

It is quite difficult in today’s society to actually discover who you really are, especially in a world where we are being pressured to be someone else for several reasons, influences here and there.
Quite a number of people find it difficult to get people’s acceptance in the early stages of their life…but i have come to notice and observe that those who maintain the courage to do their own work and stick to their originality turn out to be a lot more successful than those who acceptance is what they were working hard for, and this is a fact.

Lets all share this very vital secret…Within the first 6-8years of one’s life…everyone has something significant..something so unique that can only be associated with that particular child but as time passes and we grow up in a competitive world, we lose our originality..we become what the world expects us to be and so majority of us seem to be similar beings which is sad.

“Enough said” , now let’s dig in and pull out few advantages of you being your awesome self that can rock your world with very little effort on your part.

* When you like yourself, others will like you too.

People can always tell when you are being fake. Not necessarily fake in the negative sense, but fake in general.

* Being you will give you confidence.
Ofcourse trying on your own shoes instead of walking in someone else’s that are way too small, you won’t have to focus on the stress of pretending. You can walk taller and hold your head high…yes!!

* Being you helps you silence the voices likely to manipulate you.
When you’re comfortable with yourself and have people around you who also love you for you, the void of feeling alone is filled and the need to “play” people or being played for the sake of not being alone disappears.

* Oh well guys,everyone else is already taken.
You have been wonderfully and specially made, and no matter what’s happened in your life up to this point you have a purpose that no one who’s ever lived or will live can possibly fulfill.

* Being true to yourself will help you remember how to dream.
Surviving each day being untrue to yourself just to survive the next steals your creativity and passion,and yes that’s true,at some point in my music career,this was a major challenge for me.