Just when most people had concluded that WAIT video was definitely going to be the best output from Nigerian superstar serenading singer Akaycentric, he just keeps raising the bar. I mean, who would have thought that a video shot in the sunny streets of Miami would warm our hearts so badly?

Yes, I am not here to give ratings on the video or hype it because well, the video speaks for itself but I mean, its a collaboration between two Power Houses in Nigerian music. We all know Akaycentric never fails to deliver and yes, Patoranking never fails to deliver too. The collaboration is nothing short of a masterpiece especially when you just kick back, plug your headphones and drown the outside noise out. First time I heard the song, I had a view filled with multicoloured butterflies!!

Akaycentric to the world as his signature slogan has been is definitely a positive vibe as all that’s been delivered has been nothing short of world class delivery and I for one am very proud of this Nigerian!

Audio produced by ace producer Del’ B and video Shot by Patrick Ellis in Miami USA, there’s nothing short of perfection from the audio to the visuals

Enough said already, listen to audio and watch video here 👉👉Audio & Video Link

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