So, things have been slightly busy on this end hence the lag in posts but the wait was finally over yesterday at 7pm Nigerian time and the much anticipated visuals to the song WAIT by Akaycentric hit the air waves and less than 24 hours now, the responses have been amazing.

Some people talked about the video bringing them so many memories of love they’ve lost and some even talked about things they intend to work on so their love doesn’t walk away. One particular lady from Europe didn’t believe it was a Nigerian who sang that song until she saw the video. Comments were also made about the costume to the vixens to the location and video clarity and composure. My best part in all of the comment section on the live feed interaction with Akaycentric and MMH was where someone spoke of how not one bit of profanity was used to convey a perfectly beautiful song in this day and age where people struggle to be relevant so use certain key words to attract the “young mind” into listening to their music.

Not here to judge anyone’s creative process as we are all entitled to our own outputs but I’m trying to get in that lady’s head to feel how she felt as she listened and watched that video up until she made that comment. It was a good win for MMH and Akaycentric, we decree more wins to the record company and artiste’s name.

The year isn’t over and we ain’t going to bask in this glory for long as there’s more music to make and more hearts to touch. For those that didn’t view the video on the premiere live stream, there’s a YouTube link for y’all to watch over and over again and to share to your loved ones too. Click on the red fonts below…

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