Don’t Mistake It

These days, everyone be tagging their walkabout as hustle. Even those who their parents house and feed and buy clothes for be claiming they hustling. What are you hustling? To stay alive?
Let’s be real with ourselves. My dictionary says a hustler is a shrewd person willing to circumvent difficulties. Your ability to solve issues while striving to make a name for yourself is what makes you a hustler. If you are in school, that’s not a hustle my brother. If you are engaged in a form of business or service while in school then that’s your hustle.

From that definition, emphasis on SHREWD, I can safely say you working for someone as an employee doesn’t mean you are a hustler. Shrewd applies to business as regards hard headedness, making smart business decisions and making calculated business investments. Same regards astuteness, sagacious manners, sapient behaviours and outright brilliance. Qualities that can only really be valued or regarded in absolutistic terms when one is a boss of his own business.
We have to know these differences because sometimes we get lost in the triviality of statements with friends and somehow we believe it until time runs out on us then we start to run pillar to post looking for the next best option. Don’t say you run a hustle when you work for salary, you don’t belong in that category bruh. A hustle needs dedication, hard work and a lot of reinvestment to yield.
Anyways, it’s another Monday and I bless God for all the blessings of last week. It’s a new week and we are presented with these new opportunities at having a new day so we can write the wrongs of yesterday and try to make today better. Don’t sleep on your ideas, you can’t progress if you don’t make a move to leave where you currently are. Everyone has people who wonder what they’d make of themselves. You never can tell if this is the week it will all turn around. Get up and get that grind on. Work hard till you work smart, work for what you need till you have what you want. God help us all… Amen

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