Characteristics of a winner.

Characteristic of a winner

Most times we look at the successful people and think they possess some sort of magic power…truth be told,there are simple rules which they have imbibed and are yielding.

Winning to me is basically about pushing your performance to the next level,using your God given potentials to the maximum and most importantly,possessing certain characteristics I shall share below. Its either you are winning or losing,there is nothing in between.

True winning however, is no more than one’s own personal pursuit of individual excellence. You don’t have to knock other people down or gain at the expense of others. There is enough room at the top.
According to Waitely, “One clear distinction between life’s winners and losers is that winners build good habits that help them succeed while losers retain all their bad habits and are content to live a life with fear and regret”

Below are some characteristics/habits of every winner you find around.characteristic of a winner

1. Be a complete person: being a winner is really not about driving the best cars,having the biggest house or having the best girls 😊.
It is much more than the above. Winners do business with others, trying to make them into winners also. They strive for mutual success, not domination. Winners prefer to work with people to achieve that mutual success rather than fighting over small details to ensure they absolutely got the best of any situation.

2. Self-talk: One very clear distinction between winners and losers is self-talk…yes!!!. Winners usually have self talk that helps them strengthen their self-image and self-discipline. Losers on the other hand are the ones who listen too frequently to negative self talks.

3. Self-Discipline: Really not everyone likes to hear that success is going to take a lot of work…lol. Many people want easy answers most of the time. We all want the shortcuts and easy way out that will get us around the hard, “work” part of the whole process.

Sorry to burst your bubbles, but there are no success hacks. To achieve your goals you will need to build the good habits and most importantly self-discipline.

4. Self-Esteem/Self-Image: This is basically about your self confidence,having faith in your own very self.

5 . Self–awareness: We are not all perfect. We all have our flaws and shortcomings, Being a winner is not about being all perfect and succeeding all the time.
It is about being aware of your weaknesses and planning for them.

6. Always Have  Clearly Defined Goals: self projection is not a bad idea .But by itself, you are just daydreaming. To achieve anything of magnitude,you will need to set goals that are clearly defined.

7. Self-Projection: Self projection is simply the act of having a very clear idea of what you want to achieve.
It is about knowing your end goal.

Quote me anywhere, you cannot be these things and still end up a loser. Drop me a comment in your thoughts