Enough Is Enough

What a time to be alive!!!

It’s no news that the standard of living of the average Nigerian has dropped drastically just as the life expectancy age has also dropped below 50 years for the average African. These facts just further buttress the point that there’s a lot of ills in the black soil under our African feet and there’s basically nothing we can do about it but suffer and smile as the great Fela sang back then when everyone thought he was a senseless lunatic but he has somehow resonated to being called a messiah simply because after over 20 years of his demise, things he said are still happening in very apt details as he gave back then.

The ills Nigerians have had to face from poor infrastructure to a dwindling health care sector to expensive education and to all forms of harassment and brutality on various fronts have further strengthened the resolve of the youth to speak with one voice and end all the rubbish once and for all. It was carried by Channels TV news that the average senator earns about 29 million naira monthly which as of today is about 76,000 dollars monthly. Our currency has been grossly devalued that we can’t actually do anything sensible with 1000 naira.


The ongoing protests is not for better roads yet, it’s not even for better governance, it’s just for people to stay alive. The menace the Nigerian Police Force has placed on Nigerians has brought untold hardship and deep sorrow to many families they took oaths to protect all because of their greed and insensitivity for human condition and life. The youth in Nigeria is bent on fixing a lot of these ills one after the other since we can’t even get in public offices easily due to the older generation still craving power and not willing to let go. Our voices can’t be heard so everyone has taken to social media and the streets of different cities in Nigeria to communicate their pain and the police is still on a killing spree, using live amunition on peaceful protesters just because they have the power to.


What a time to be alive when we would see a government stay mute to the plight of the citizens that voted them in all because they can. The international community is watching and they are still acting the worst part of this action movie. Well, the protests are not ending anytime soon and a very big kudos to everyone that has been a part of the #EndSARS #EndSarsNow #EndPoliceBrutality and #ENDSWAT movement both on the streets and on social media. Nigeria must get better and it starts with you and me. God bless us all!!