10 Reasons Why You Are Working Hard But Yet No Results.

Results speak.

I have come to understand in my journey through life that people mostly want to see results, not effort. Hard work is very important, but what is the travail without evidence?
Channeling your energy towards results oriented goals is key, you could work hard round the clock each day without achieving any results, funny as it sounds but also very true. This brings me to a more defined level – smart work which means working hard in a result oriented manner. It’s easy to spend a lot of time and yet not have anything to show for it, either for yourself or others.

Don’t confuse activity with progress. When you fail to define the  outcome or goal of any task you decide to embark upon, it’s definite you will simply waste time and not yield any meaningful results. On the other hand, if you get clear on the outcome, then you can find intelligent alternatives to achieving that same task that seemed impossible – Smart work.

Below are likely reasons you may not be getting results. These reasons are  based on personal experiences, feel free to add or express your opinion in the comment section below

1. Procastination. You keep putting things off. You talk about how you want to do something but you don’t act on it. You are like the howling dog.

2. Goal underestimation .Achieving a goal is about getting from point A to B. From point A, you create an action plan that gets you to point B. Sounds foolproof, except the action plan isn’t 100% valid.

3. Too introverted .You don’t venture out beyond your normal routine. You do the same things, talk to the same old friends, act the same way, circle around the same issues.

4. Defensiveness and non-proactive. You wait for things to unfold before responding.

5. Hard worker. . You do the same thing over and over, even when you don’t get results,you are working hard but not working smart. You need a fine balance of both.

6. Avoidance (Fear). You avoid taking action because some of the things you have to do intimidate you or perhaps you are more comfortable doing what you know works (most probably a little) rather than trying out new ways of doing it better

7. Losing focus. You get distracted by things thrown in your way. Your attention gets diverted from your goals

9. You give up too easily. You give up before you even get started.

10. Being set in your ways. You insist on doing things a certain way. You don’t open yourself up to new ideas. Guess what? You’ll remain stuck in your situation, too. Open yourself to new methods.

Set goals. Work smart. Ask yourself what you have done today and how you can be better tomorrow.